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5 Things To Include At A Party To Make It More Fun

You’ve attended such Fun parties before. Those parties where someone welcomes you at the door, hand you a cocktail, and guide you into a room full of strange faces. As you introduce yourself to people, you fumble around with awkward small talk, remember you cannot shake hands with a martini and appetizers in the other, and forget people’s Fun names between introductions. At the sound of the dinner bell, everyone breathes a sigh of relief. 

Now that you are hosting the party, it’s your turn to make the arrangements to create an attractive, memorable, and unique party. Why host a boring event where everybody would rather sit on their couches, snack on chips, and watch Netflix reruns? That’s not you! With 50% of people entertaining guests in their homes, it’s best to ensure yours is so memorable that your guests will talk about it for years. The following pages contain five things to include at a party to make it more fun and make your guests giddy with anticipation. 

  1. Bonfire 

An exciting yet unique way to celebrate a friend or loved one’s birthday is to throw and include them in a bonfire party. Bonfire nights and parties have a fascinating history of facts and are more than just a typical party; they provide guests of honor and friends with an unforgettable experience. 

Food, of course, is the most crucial part of any party. Nothing is more quintessential to a bonfire than brats, hot dogs, and pudgy pies. The right food for a bonfire party is anything you can roast over a flame: it could be your favorite bonfire bbq recipe. Be sure to have plenty of disposable dishes, cutlery, and garbage bags for guests to avoid putting trash in flames, no matter what you decide. 

2 . A Good Theme 

Setting the mood for everyone and getting them into the right mindset is crucial for making the event successful. Including a themed party to mark milestones and commemorate essential anniversaries is a great idea. A themed birthday party like a Christmas function, engagement party, school reunion, or even a wedding can be much more enjoyable!  

Furthermore, planning out every detail of a themed party can be fun. Consider throwing a Hollywood-themed party for your friends who are avid movie fans. You can also host a beach or pool party in the summer if you prefer something more lighthearted. Make something unique and edgy by brainstorming a few ideas. 

3 . Games You’ll Enjoy 

Great food and great people are essential when planning a party. However, you’ll need great party games if you want your party to stand out for years. If guests aren’t already familiar with each other, this can be an excellent way to break the ice. Furthermore, it makes the event more enjoyable for everyone.  

Think about what your guests might enjoy when choosing games and activities. For instance:  

  • Bite the Bag 

Put a brown paper bag on the floor. Each player bends over and grabs the pack with their teeth. You roll or cut its edges one inch shorter whenever they can lift the bag without leaving their feet. Those who stumble are out. It is game over when no one remains. 

To illustrate 

Peter leans over and grabs the bag by the edge with his teeth. Edith leans over but trips, slipping on her feet. She is out. 

  • Cherry Pie 

Stack 5 cherries on each person’s plate. A winner is whoever can eat all five cherries while keeping their hands behind their backs and using only their mouths. 

To illustrate 

There are five cherries placed in front of Carol. Using only her mouth, she eats all of them behind her back. 

4. Upbeat Music Playlist 

Include and play a playlist that keeps the party mood upbeat. You can play top 40-song radio stations or artists that you feel are appropriate for parties and hangouts in your library. Ensure the music is played through speakers at a decent volume so we can hear it but it does not interfere with the conversation. 

Make the playlist based on the party’s theme. For example, the party might be 80s-themed, so make sure you play all the 80s hits. You can also make a music playlist using Apple Music, Spotify, or Tidal. You can use pre-made party playlists from many streaming services. 

5. Photo Booth 

It’s always fun to take silly photos with friends. Any party can benefit from a photo booth’s fun and excitement. With the help of props and costumes, guests can take pictures that they can take home as souvenirs.  

Alternatively, you can use a camera or smartphone to take pictures as a DIY photo booth by hanging a sheet or blanket from a doorframe. You can decorate your party this way if you’re on a budget or want to be creative. Don’t forget to provide your guests with various props so they can let their creativity run wild. 


This list of six tips can make any party fun for everyone, no matter what type you’re throwing. Hence, don’t forget to include some or all these ideas at your next event. There will be no end to the memories your guests will have. 


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