Tue. May 30th, 2023

Accessing the Dark Web? Be Careful About These 5 Things

The dark web has become the stuff of legend, and stories about the dark have made attention-grabbing headlines. To most people, the dark web is the criminal arena of the internet. The shadowy section or part of the web where pedophiles, pornographers, drug dealers, gun runners, and white supremacist racists inhabit, transact and carry out their criminal activities. It is seen as the dangerous red zone of the internet.

The criminal aspects of the dark web make the headlines because bad news sells and grabs people’s attention. But the criminal aspect of the dark web accounts for only a tiny fraction of the activities and interactions that go on there. While it is a fact that criminals also operate on the dark web and crime thrives there, a whole lot of legitimate actors: researchers, journalists, and dissidents use the dark web due to the anonymity it provides them. The dark web allows them to browse the Internet, share information with like minds, gather intelligence, and expose details of criminal activities without revealing their identity that could be used to track them.

What earned the  its name is not because of the nefarious and criminal activities that go on there but the anonymity it provides its users. Through the use of some sophisticated software and encryption technology, the dark web allows users to search for information and communicate without detection or being tracked by authorities or located by search engines. People use the dark web due to the anonymity and privacy it provides its users and also because it gives users access to information that is not available on the open web.

The following category of people uses the dark for legitimate reasons. Journalists working on a highly classified secret report with whistle-blowers require anonymity. Citizens in countries with repressive governments that censor the internet, researchers researching the activities of criminals, etc. From the foregoing, it is clear that the  is not all about crime and criminals but anonymity and privacy. Most people are on the dark web for legitimate purposes. But be that as it may, make no mistakes about it, the dark web could be a dangerous place even for the best-intentioned user. Drug peddlers, child pornographers, hackers, gun runners, and identity theft syndicates are all active on the dark web. Hence, anyone who wishes to use the  for legitimate purposes must take care to use it safely so as not to be ensnared in criminal activities, become a victim of cybercriminals or give away too much information about them and end up compromising their privacy and security. In the next section, we examine 5 factors to be careful of when using the dark web:

  1. Be Mindful of your security on the Dark Web: To use the  without compromising your identity and privacy, you must take serious steps toward protecting yourself. The dark web is filled with malware, bots, and other malicious software. Some websites with viruses could be infected with your devices or browsers. Take steps to ensure the safety of your devices such as disabling USB ports, avoiding certain sites, and ensuring that you do not enter your email address on the . Use only computers that are not connected to a central network so as not to compromise the security of your entire network.
  2. Beware of Hackers: Hackers are all over the . There is a hackers forum with hackers waiting to be hired. And many of them are more than willing to hack your account and devices. While on the dark web, be careful of the link you click on and what you download. Hackers could use malware and viruses embedded in a link to try to take out your system.
    One of the ways they would attempt to do this is through webcam hijacking. Hackers on the dark web can attempt to deploy a remote administration tool (RAT) onto your computer and use it to hijack your Webcam. When they hijack your webcam they can see everything you do through your camera lens and compromise your security. To be on the safe side, cover your webcam with a tape or piece of paper.

Do not give away sensitive personal information and be mindful of the fact that hackers could pretend to be genuine and sincere people.

  1. Be Careful not to be Ensnared in Crime: Drug peddlers, child pornographers, hackers and all manner of cybercriminals are on the . There is a high risk of unwittingly being entangled in criminal activities. You could click on a link out of mistake and carelessness and it leads you to download child pornography. Viewing this illegal content would constitute a crime. With law enforcement agents also active on the dark web, you could be arrested and prosecuted.
  2. Timely Browser Updates: Update your browser and use privacy-enhancing apps that keep your browser safe, and use apps that enhance your privacy. Installing a Bulletproof Private Network (BPN) like Hoody offers anonymity to its users, encrypts their data, and offers way more functionalities than VPNs and Tor. Hoody will greatly assist you in protecting your privacy and security. Once you use Hoody in your browser, all your tabs and websites get a new IP address, a new location, and a completely different set of Fingerprints, tracking becomes impossible. Hoody Phantom Browsing™ breakthrough neutralizes the most intruding tracking techniques.

To conclude, the  is a very important part of the internet that offers people the opportunity to access the web the way they could never do on the open web. For those in repressive countries, the dark web may be their only outlet for the internet. But using the dark web requires being cautious, careful, and watchful.

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