Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

What are the Steps to Get Unbanned from Tinder?

Tinder is one of the most popular and famous dating apps which is available to users nowadays. With over 57 million users it is very obvious that they have some rules and guidelines which the users need to follow. 

If you are here reading this blog then it means that your account on tinder has been banned or suspended and you are looking for ways o revive your account. Well, users do not need to worry as they might not be the only people who got their account banned which is why we have created this blog using which we are going to tell our users about the ways which will help them to get around the tinder ban 2022. 

Reasons for Tinder Ban for the Users

There are several reasons which can trigger tinder to ban the account of users and here we have some of the reasons which might be responsible for the banned account of the users. 

  1. If the users are creating a fake profile or are having multiple accounts at the same time. 
  2. If the users are under 18 and they still created an account on tinder. 
  3. If the users are homophobic or are using offensive or inappropriate language on the platform. 
  4. If the users are harassing other users on the platform or are creating spam accounts. 
  5. If the users are posting nudity or sexual content or they are making racist comments. 
  6. If the users are using violence or they are using the platform for illegal activities. 

The users need to keep in mind these things and need to avoid doing it if they do not want to get banned on the platform. 

Getting Back Tinder Account after Ban

Now, there are two ways which the users can if they want to get their account back on tinder, which are –

  1. Appealing to remove the ban

2. Opening a new account 

1. Submitting appeal to tinder

In the first way the users need to appeal tinder ban removal so that they can get their account back for which they need to follow up the steps mentioned below for them. 

No. 1 – The users need to select the option of trouble with account login which they will find on the website of tinder and then proceed ahead to the next step.  

No. 2 – Following this the users need to opt for cant login, my account was banned option following which the users will need to provide their information like email, phone number, explanation of the issue. 

No. 3 – Once all this is done the users need to check the details filled in and simply hit the send button to submit the appeal after which they need to wait till tinder contacts them back.

2. Creating a new account on tinder after ban

The second option the users are left with is to create an account and here we have provided the steps for the users for how to create new tinder after being banned

No. 1 – The users need to create a new Google ID which they will connect to their ID on tinder and then they need to download tinder on their device. 

No. 2 – The users also need to use a new number as the app will ask the users to verify their phone number and move to the next step further. 

No. 3 – After this once the profile has been created the users need to add new details to the profile like the picture, bio etc which does not matches the previous one if the users do not want tinder to recognize them and ban them again.

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