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Best Windows Reseller Hosting USA for Your Business


To start your hosting business, it is important to find a reliable and cheap reseller hosting provider. As the name says, in a reseller business, you sell the hosting services that you bought from a parent host. So, you start a business with a small investment and make huge money from it. There are two types of reseller hostings that are based on Linux OS and Windows OS. Both the types offer best features to host your reseller hosting business. But, In this article, you will learn about the Best Windows Reseller Hosting USA services, its features, and who provides the best deals.

Windows Reseller Web Hosting USA

A reseller hosting that works on Windows operating system is known as Windows Reseller Hosting. Windows Reseller Hosting permits you to open a hosting company without spending money on hardware tools and servers. And, with Windows technology, it is easier to handle the server,  as with windows Plesk panel you can manage the server settings and customize them. More than 400 million users are using Windows OS as it is familiar and all the applications related to Microsoft windows are flexible to run on it. Therefore, You can become a Reseller of Windows Hosting in USA without much investment.

How Can You Find the Best Reseller Windows Hosting USA Services?

Reseller Windows Hosting USA

Finding the best reseller hosting providers in USA is quite difficult as compared to Linux. There are fewer providers are available for windows in the market. That’s why having a reseller plan that fits into your business model becomes a little hard. But to provide you with the Best Windows Reseller Hosting USA packages, Hostbillo Web Hosting Company comes with its best services. You get all the flexible resources with your hosting packages at an affordable price. It also lets you sell the hosting services on your own brand name with its white label services. Continue on to the next section that describes how Hostbillo’s Windows Reseller Hosting Plan USA works.

Hostbillo Windows Reseller Hosting USA Features

Windows Reseller Hosting USA

There are several features that you get with Hostbillo’s reseller hosting services. Here we will discuss a few important features so that you can get an idea of the Windows Reseller Web Hosting USA package.

Plesk Control Panel for Easy Management.

Windows OS works on the Plesk control panel, therefore, you get WHM access with your Best windows Reseller Hosting USA services. With it, you can easily manage your Plesk panel account. So, with your Plesk Panel account, you can customize the hosting plan and packages and create more accounts for your end customers. As in a reseller hosting business, you host multiple other websites on your web space therefore you have to provide a control panel account to your customers too. So, here comes Plesk Control Panel to manage the multiple accounts.

Sell the Services on your Own Brand Name.

Most of the reseller business owners want to sell the services on their own company brand name. But fewer companies allow them to promote their brand name as the service provider. A 100% white-label system from Hostbillo lets you put your brand name on the Best Windows Reseller Hosting USA services. As a reseller, this service is very important as you can promote your brand name.

Host Multiple Websites

Reseller Hosting company means you sell the hosting services which also means you have to connect multiple domains to the web space. Therefore, Hostbillo allows you to connect unlimited domains to the web space that you purchase from it. Also, with the Plesk control panel, it will get easy to manage the hosting accounts.

Softaculous One-Click Installer

With Hostbillo’s Windows Reseller Hosting Plan USA, you get a Softaculous one-click installer by which you can easily install the software and applications on the server. Install and run your preferred applications with just a click. Therefore, getting the Best windows Reseller Hosting USA plans are good to go for your hosting business.

Malware Scan and Protection

To ensure the total safety of your website data, Hostbillo provides strong security measures that protect your site from malware attacks, DDoS attacks, and hackers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting hacked of your personal data or client’s data, your information is totally safe with its Best Windows Reseller Hosting USA.

Get Hostbillo’s Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting USA

You already know that there are few providers who sell Windows Reseller Hosting USA, therefore the companies who provide the services sell them at a high-cost price. So, Hostbillo comes up with Best Web Hosting Services in USA at an affordable price. And, in their Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting USA package, you get a free SSL certificate, maximum bandwidth, maximum SSD storage, and the best email services. All of these will help you to increase the performance of your business website and this leads you to build a successful hosting business.

Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting USA


Here, from this article, you can conclude that getting a Windows Hosting USA for your business would be the best choice you can choose. It is easy to run the applications on Windows OS and you can also customize the service plans. Also, with Hostbillo this becomes easier because you get 24*7 customer support from its technical experts. So, you can start your hosting business with Hostbillo’s Best Windows Reseller Hosting USA at a low-cost investment.

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