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Everything You Need To Know About Bone Health

Your body structure says a lot about your personality, and this structure is made up of different sizes of bones. There are multiple tasks of the bones, such as they protect your internal body organs and anchoring muscles. The other functionality of the bones is the storing of calcium bone health

While knowing about bone functionality, you must learn how to build healthy bones because healthy bones can keep you on your feet even in your late 90s.

Why Does Bone Health Matters?

Bones always change, which means that old bone breaks and new one form. Such a process leads to an increase in bone mass. When you will return 30, your bone mass will reach its peak. As you age, your bone mass reduces with time.

Your bone health depends on the mass you have. Orthopedic surgeons share that osteoporosis is a condition that causes your bones to become weak and more brittle. But if you have bone mass, it will help you to deal with such bone diseases.

What Factors Affect Bone Health?

Multiple factors contribute when it comes to bone health. People who know the importance of bone health focus on their lifestyle and what diet they prefer.

Here are some common factors that contribute to bone health.

Physical Activity:

Osteoporosis is common in people these days even young adults also claim about their weak bones. Sitting for long periods in front of an LED or computer screen can put you at high risk of developing osteoporosis. People should stay active or even go for a regular walk to avoid many bone issues, including chronic joints pain.

Nicotine Intake:

Regular smoking increases the risk of developing weak bones. If you believe that smoking is only dangerous for your lungs, you are wrong. Focus on your intake and make efforts to lower the chances of osteoporosis.

Family History:

If someone in your family has ever had osteoporosis, you should take precautions earlier. The family running disease, like osteoporosis, can put you at high risk of it’s a victim.


No one can escape the age factor as it contributes to many health conditions. You should get ready for the potential age-related issues and go with a healthy lifestyle.

Being Underweight:

Men and women are both at high risk if they are underweight. Your body’s ability to absorb calcium can leave you with weak bones.

Intake of Medications:

Some long-term medications damage the bones, like cortisone, prednisone, etc.

How to Keep Your Bones Healthy?

There are some simple yet powerful tips to build healthy bones.

Eat Calcium-Rich Diet

Dairy products, almonds, kale, broccoli, and canned salmon are a great source of calcium. If you want to live a healthy life with stronger bones, consider calcium-rich foods. Experts say that adults should take 1000 milligram of calcium a day.

Vitamin D

It is a natural phenomenon that your body needs to absorb calcium, but it is only possible if you have enough vitamin D in your body. There are multiple sources to get the required vitamin D from a healthy diet, such as oily fish, mushrooms, eggs, fortified foods, etc.

Researchers recommend taking the 600 International Units IUs a day while the adults older than 70 should increase the intake to 800 International Unit IUs.

Never Go with Substance Use

You have read the statement that smoking is not allowed in almost every public place. Do you know what will happen if you follow this rule in real life? Fortunately, quitting smoking helps to fight off many infections and reverse the condition of your internal organs. Alcohol and cigarettes affect your bones badly and can cause age-related problems earlier. Additionally, substance abuse leads to a shorter lifespan.


Bone health counts on different factors, but physical activity brings great effects on your bone health. Fitness experts always suggest including effective physical activities in life, such as swimming, jogging, climbing, etc.

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