Tue. May 30th, 2023

Flat Top Sunglasses: Very Smart, Very Cool

Flat-top sunglasses are a part of the latest trend in sunglasses. They are a little off-beat among the other sunglasses but are one of the coolest modern-day trends. These sunglasses are a bold choice for anyone and will give a distinct confidence boost. These sunglasses always look fresh and new, no matter how long one has had.

And what could be more modern than trying on a pair of these with varifocal lenses? This is a great opportunity for the varifocal glasses wearers to style with these amazing and cool pairs of sunglasses without even having a second thought. No need to wear your glasses and sunglasses together when you get varifocal lenses with the sunglasses. 

In Specscart, there are varieties of flat-top sunglasses for one to choose from. One can style these cool and modern glasses with any outfit. The glasses are for men and women and each can be a part of this modern trend.

Structure Of Flat Top Sunglasses

Flat-top sunglasses have made their way to the top of the charts with the addition of a sleek flat line at the brow bone top of our favorite iconic frames such as aviators, circular and rectangular frames. Men are turning to their new cool trend’s diverse frame portfolio to help shape their look- whether it be to accentuate their bone structure for a tough appearance, or even soften their look to a younger vibe.

Specscart has a wide selection of both classic aviators flat top frames, as well as round and rectangular flat top frames to adjust to any style. If you are a glasses lover person, then these pairs should be there in your collection inside your wardrobe.

 How To Choose Flat Top Frames?

There are so many flat-top sunglasses with a wide variety of modern and classic frames. It is not very difficult to find one such frame. But it is important to know the priority before you buy a pair of flat top sunglasses- frame style or lens type.


  • Frames Style-

So different frame styles have evolved and have been trending since then. The iconic frames like aviators and round and rectangular frames are available as flat-top sunglasses.

  • Aviator Glasses- Aviators have come a long way. They are one of the top choices of glasses for men and women. Men ruled with a pair of aviator glasses. The flat-top aviator glasses are indeed very cool and modern. The sunglasses with a flat top and oversized make them stand out among everyone. Aviator glasses have gone through various changes and also have been modified differently according to the ongoing trend. The flat-top aviator glasses are super cool and smart. They are made for men and women to style in every season with their outfits. These glasses are highly recommended according to the trend.
  • Round- The round flat top glasses are very stylish and smart. These are a modification of aviator glasses. The round flat-top glasses look good on almost everyone. Since round sunglasses are in trend, round flat top sunglasses have helped to make people enhance their looks. They are smart and also can be paired with any outfit. One can wear these glasses on any road trip, with maximal and minimal outfits and also some time for an ultra-modern look, style with the formals.
  • Rectangular- The rectangular flat-top sunglasses are very classy yet they are one of the smartest glasses of modern times. They come in various sizes and colours but black ones dominate the series. Black rectangular glasses consist of the maximum number of followers. They are oversized glasses that cross the eyebrows and also make one look perfect.

Lens Type

There are various types of lenses that are provided with these flat-top sunglasses. The different colour lenses and the different prescription lenses have helped people to style differently with these beat glasses. 

  • Tinted Lens- These are one of the trending styles. The glasses with tints are very much in trend and people are wearing these tinted sunglasses almost everywhere. Whether one goes to the beaches or for a road trip, these glasses make the road and beach fashion more perfect and admirable. Colour tints look great with different outfits and they make the person flaunt their look.
  • Mirrored Lenses- These are again a pop-up of the 90s and are a recent trending style. They are of various colors and the mirrored lenses in the flat top sunglasses are eye-catching people love the non-conventional look that one creates with different clothes and accessories.

Hence it can be seen that there are various frames and lenses that one can have for a stylish and smart look. Flat-top sunglasses are one of those that make a person enhance the look and style of a person.  

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