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Generate Visits on your Site: 7 Practical Tips

Having a website is good. Generating visits to your site is even better. The key to success? Capture visitors and keep them coming back. But to encourage Internet users to visit a site, it is necessary to put in place a number of things to attract them. Do you know where your visitors come from? Do they come naturally through search engines? Do they pass through social networks? Or do they click on the newsletter in their mailbox? Discover right away 7 practical tips to generate visits to your site. 

Write quality content to generate visits to your site

To generate visits to your site, the first thing to do is to write quality texts. Submitting quality content means that it is important to write the pages respecting certain rules. To succeed in engaging Google and arousing the interest of readers, it will be necessary to: 

  • use a vocabulary that is understandable for users, but rich for Google;
  • Search for key words and develop a lexical field related to the company’s activity or the geographical area;
  • keep in mind the objective of the text: to inform or to sell;
  • give real information to readers (hence the importance of checking the sources);
  • go to the essential  ;
  • follow a common thread by preparing a relevant structure with titles and subtitles;
  • avoid repetitions ;
  • Take care of the introductions on each page.

Applying most of these tips, a minimum of 800 words per page is required. Why? For pages to be indexed by Google. Well-structured and worked upstream, the content allows Google to rank the pages by relevance. When a user performs a search, he sees the URL of the site on his results page. With a well-positioned site, generating visits to your site is easy to find the Awesome and economical ebook writing service.

Do you know that it is possible to entrust the writing of texts to a web editor? He will give you advice on the general architecture of the site and will write the pages in full. It will save you valuable time that you will devote to the development of your business. Wondering how to find a good web editor? Quickly follow this manual to find the rare pearl. 

Favor a responsive site: the basics of UX

75% of French people use a smartphone according to the Annual Digital Barometer. This figure should not leave you indifferent. Since mobile traffic is catching up with computer traffic, thinking about UX has become obvious. But what does UX mean? UX stands for User Experience and it represents everything that needs to be put in place to ensure the success of a site and the comfort of Internet users. Privileging the creation of a responsive site is part of UX. This will allow visitors to be able to consult a website and it is an essential criterion to please Google.

The design of the site must necessarily adapt to the format of the screen. The content of the pages remains the same, but the layout varies. Today, having a responsive site is no longer an option. It is the basics of any creation or redesign of a website because Internet users must be able to consult the site wherever they are. Let’s take the example of a restaurant in a tourist area. If its site is responsive, it will have a better chance of being noticed by users than a site that is not. 

On vacation, we all have the reflex to look for a restaurant from a smartphone. You understand the interest of companies in having a responsive site. Google notices it too and ranks the site ahead of those who haven’t made this effort. The restaurant will thus be able to generate visits to its site in greater numbers.

Make your site known for free thanks to Google My Business

In France, more than 90% of Internet users use Google to search for local establishments. From this observation, it must be understood that local referencing is an important criterion. He gives visibility to his business. Being referenced on Google My Business allows you to manage the presence of your site in the results page by appearing in particular on Google Maps. 

Customers can geolocation the company and click on the icon which links to the website. They then arrive as if by magic on the home page of the company’s website. To be successful in local listing on Google My Business, it is necessary to fill in 100% of the information concerning the activity. Google likes to have accurate and well-organized information.

It will be necessary to show what the company can offer to its customers by presenting its service offer. All the interest of this tool is to optimize its presence thanks to the publication of posts. They must include a photo and a relevant and short accompanying text. If customers leave comments or ask questions, it’s a good idea to answer them. You show that you are interested in them. The company file is active. You stand out and earn points when other users do a new search!

Increase site traffic by strengthening internal networking and backlinks

A responsive site, referenced on Google My Business with quality content will increase the number of visits. Users are interested, return to the site and influence natural referencing. Don’t stop on such a good path. There are other factors that increase traffic to your site. Internal networking and the acquisition of backlinks are essential actions to increase the percentage of visitors.

 Internal linking is the action of inserting links on a page that point to other pages on its site. This technique lowers the bounce rate and improves reader comfort. They discover other pages or other articles without having to search for them. In this way, visitors stay longer on the site, increasing the time of their visit, a criterion highly valued by Google. Backlinks are links that come from external sites. To be effective, these links must come from popular sites and preferably deal with the same theme as that of your site. This video, directed by Lucie Ronde let, explains all this very simply.

Create a blog to attract visitors to your site

To be active, visible, and generate visits, a site must host a maximum of content. The fixed pages of the showcase site are not enough. Also, talking about the company by publishing articles regularly is an idea that has proven itself. Creating a blog increases user interest. It also tells search engines that the site is dynamic. The interest of having a blog is to feed it regularly by publishing one to two articles per week.

Creating a blog is done quickly, but keeping it alive is very time-consuming. Each article should present fresh, relevant, and optimized content. To promote your blog quickly, it is recommended to publish at least two articles per week for six months. Do the math quickly, this represents approximately the writing of about fifty articles. But how do you write an effective blog post that will generate visits? You can follow the advice of the web writing training blog or hire a professional web editor.Here is a link to some profiles of effective, SEO-trained freelance web writers. Are you convinced? Follow these 4 steps to a successful business blog. 


Be present and active on social networks

Having become essential, social networks make it possible to generate traffic on your site, on one condition: to design and develop an appropriate content strategy. The first step is to select the networks on which it is a question of promoting the company. Create a YouTube channel, Facebook pageLinkedIn or Tiny Tech account, etc. You are spoiled for choice. By multiplying the points of contact, the increase in the number of visits will happen automatically. Social networks are mainly used to keep in touch with visitors. 

Thanks to the various publications, the members of the acquired community think of you and come back to the site. You boost the visibility and notoriety of the company. But to succeed, you have to be diligent and active. So, we regularly publish interesting content. We share articles. We give our impressions through comments. We interact with the community and use the right hashtags. So many actions generate visits to your site. As the SEO web editor can write your blog articles, the community manager can manage social networks for you! Some professionals perform these two jobs for their clients.

Create a newsletter to encourage contacts to come to your site 

Creating a newsletter will help retain visitors. The newsletter encourages them to return to the site. They reconnect to it to discover the latest news and the latest articles published on the blog. Marketing platforms like Mail Chimp or Sensible facilitate newsletter-sending campaigns. They are prepared in advance and allow you to create a privileged relationship with visitors. By personalizing each of the e-mails sent, they will be more likely to log on to the site again.

Be careful to seek the explicit consent of visitors. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the newsletter must include an unsubscribe link for easy and immediate subscription. We are coming to the end of this article. I hope it will be useful to you. Here is a last non-negligible action that we do not always think of to generate visits to your site: use your e-mail signatureIt’s simple, but very effective, especially if you send a large number of emails per day. To track and know the acquisition channels of site visits, I advise you to install a tracking tool such as Google Analytics. It will then be easier to prioritize your actions. Animixplay watches free anime.

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