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How to Make Sure to Not Lose Your Bike Keys?

 Yet it’s a very small object that you might lose easily. You might also lose your bike keys by keeping them in an unconventional place where you don’t usually keep them. To avoid such an unfortunate situation, you need to equip yourself with all the ways to keep it protected and handy.

The best way to prevent your bike key from getting lost is to purchase a key chain and attach it to it.  A variety of different colours and shapes are available on keychains for bike in the market. Modern keychains also come with several other features, like a flashlight that can assist you during nights on the road and several other attractive features.

If you want to order your keychain online after going through a variety of products, CarOrbis is the one you are looking for. You can shop for accessories like tyre inflators, gears for bike, handlebar grip, and paddock stands, among many more. No matter which vehicle you own, be it a bike or car, CarOrbis offers you the best product at budget-friendly rates.

Ways to Ensure That You Don’t Lose Your Bike Keys:

A bike keychain ensures the key is always attached to the person driving the bike. This makes sudden losses unlikely. In addition, it keeps the chain safe and prevents the rider’s pocket from any wear and tear. Below are some of the most important tips to ensure that the key can be found whenever it is looked for.

Treat It As An Important Part Of Your Bike:

This is the simplest way to ensure you don’t lose your bike key. Treat it as an important part of your bike, such as wearing a helmet. It is recommended that you always keep a watch on your keys. This will help you remain conscious of your bike keys all the time and look for them even when the lightest concern arises. 

Keep The Key In The Same Place:

It is a fact of human psychology that doing things repeatedly for a long will become your habit. For example, you can use the same for securing your bike keys. By keeping the key in the same place for several days, you will catch the habit of keeping it in that exact place, which will help you find your keys without any hassle.

Purchase A Secured Key Chain:

Purchasing a keychain is the best way to treat your bike key with the care it needs. But remember to choose strong and secured ones which will not allow the key to fall off easily. A variety of keychains are available at CarOrbis, which you can order online and receive doorstep delivery.

Go For Bright Coloured Key Chains:

Most often, you have found that your eyes tend to attract bright colours more than light-coloured ones. Therefore buying a brightly coloured key chain will help you attract your sight quickly. You can also add bright objects to your key chain to find them easily. This way, you will be able to get back your lost chain faster without much hassle.

Install A Bluetooth Finder For Your Bike Key:

You must have heard about Bluetooth trackers. They are small devices that use Bluetooth to connect your chosen device to your phone. They are extremely useful, as they can quickly locate any device within the Bluetooth range.

Use a Bluetooth tracker to locate your keys or any other personal items that you have the habit of losing frequently.

Keep A Duplicate Copy Of The Key:

If you have a trusted buddy accompanying you on a trip, you can hand over a duplicate copy of the key to them. So that, even if you lose your original one, you will have a duplicate key that will make things work for the time being. Then, later you can search for the original one or talk with the showroom associates from where you purchased your bike.

A Pro Tip on Losing Bike Key:

Don’t start panicking if you feel that you have lost your bike key. Panicking will confuse you, and your situation is no less bad. This will further lead to unforgettable situations. So calm yourself down and remember the last time you used it. Search all the places where you usually keep your bike key if you have not already installed a Bluetooth tracker for your key. 

Final Thoughts:

Following all these tips will make you less likely to lose your bike keys. Even if you have lost it, you can find it easily without panicking much. All the accessories that you need to ensure the utmost safety for your bike key are available at CarOrbis. You can place your order from the comfort of your couch, with the benefits of additional services like free shipping, flexible payment methods, and easy return policies.

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