Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

How to Spend Summertime with Pet Friends Better

This summer seems to be extraordinarily harsh for us. It is reported that we are going through one of the hottest summers in the past decades. Extreme heats join hands with high pressure to dash records, turning the globe into a massive hot oven. This also confronts pet lovers with challenges when they are fully packaged to hang out with their furry pet companions. Currently, a heated topic on how to spend the summer holiday with pet friends is on trending in Soul App Under this hashtag, Soulers are sharing their experience and summertime memories with their pet friends. 

How to board pets while traveling? Choices of Soulers vary.

Many people take the chance of the summer holiday to travel. However, before they embark on their trip, they have to solve the problem of how to care for their pets. This topic is widely discussed in Soul App and different voices are heard.

Some Soulers choose to take their pets with them during their travels. They are eager to invite their pet friends to join them on the beaches. Some Soulers made careful preparations on how to book a pet flight and pet-friendly hotels. One Souler made his decision to drive with his pet. He has one dog and two cats, which means booking public transportation would be extremely difficult. Fortunately, his pets were all well-behaved throughout the five-hour trip.

But not all pets are adventurous enough to go out with their owners. For instance, cats are known as shy and sensitive animals who would prefer to roam on their own. Therefore, one Souler decided to send her cat to trusted pet hotels, even if it entails a mounting boarding fee. She hoped that her cat would make feline friends here. Some would entrust their cats to reliable friends. This would reduce costs and it is also more convenient to have FaceTime calls.

How to deal with animal shedding? Soulers share their wonderful ideas.

As we are struggling to stay cool during summertime, changing to T-shirts, shorts, and sunglasses, our animal friends are also taking off their heavy coats to get themselves ready for high temperatures. During this time, many pet owners dubbed them Mobile Hair Dispensers because their fur would fly everywhere.

On Soul App, many Soulers are seeking strategies to alleviate the minor annoyance caused by their pets’ hair loss. One Souler posted her solution to deal with animal shedding, which is to brush pets more frequently during shedding seasons. She collected her cat’s hair and made them into various toys. This solution is adopted by many Soulers and they would also recommend brushes they use under the same topic.

To rescue himself from flying cat hair, one Souler decided to dress his cats. He posted “My cat is like a walking dandelion, shedding everywhere. Luckily, I have made enough clothes for him.” Some Soulers have shaved their dogs to reduce the risk of overheating and stroke. It is also advised that owners should make careful research on whether their dogs should be shaved. Once taken inappropriately, shaved dogs are more vulnerable to sunburn. 

The pet economy is rising.

Keeping an animal partner has already become an increasingly popular trend among young people. According to a recent survey from Just So Soul Institute, a think tank established by Soul App, at least three out of five participants from Gen Z are pet parents. It is further estimated the number of pet owners is growing steadily and is expected to exceed 100 million shortly, foreshadowing an upcoming market.

The industry is maturing as the market is expanding. Young people are willing to pay the bills for their animal friends, thus fostering the birth of an industry chain that links every node of pet services, ranging from pet food to medical care. Besides, more refined services are emerging, such as pet grooming, photography, and even pet funerals. As can be revealed by the pet craze in Soul App, the pet economy is showing great potential.

Meanwhile, for pet lovers, their animal friends harbor their emotional and social aspirations. They also guide them to find friends with similar interests. In Soul App, young pet lovers spontaneously gather, share their joyful moments with pets, and exchange experiences with each other. Simultaneously, pets bring Soulers together, encourage them to step out of existing social circles, and build social connections with those who share the same topics.

As a social networking platform dedicated to the young, Soul App always pays close attention to the voice of its users, always prepared to address their social and emotional needs. It is no surprise that young pet parents could find a safe zone to share their interests. Currently, this platform enjoys a DAU base of 9.3 million people and has become a social playground for the young generation.

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