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Is Smart Lighting For You?

Take a look at AGM Electrical Lighting’s latest collection, AGM Electrical Supplies smart lighting. What you need to in your quest to fully control of your home AGM Electrical Supplies Lighting will surely provide the answer. To get started with this range of smart lighting you require is the AGM Electrical Supply Smart Hub that is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. Then, install CWD’s CWD smart app to your tablet or smartphone It’s easy!

Why use AGM Electrical Supplies Smart Lighting?

AGM Electrical Supply Smart can connect to the Wi-Fi in your home to give you full control over your mobile devices via the CWD app. You can connect it to the Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. However, the most important issue you’re asking yourself is what differentiates AGM Electrical Supplies from the others, so let us clarify.

What Makes AGM Electrical Supplies’s Smart Lighting Unique?

AGM Electrical Supplies’ Smart LED Lighting range that was introduced by AGM Electrical Supplies can make the mundane extraordinary. With only a few parts of optimization, you can transform the old downlights that are rusty into Smart downlights which means you can use your current fixtures by using this technique. It can surely transform your home up to date with a cost-effective price.

What else can this range of Smart Lighting range have to offer?

It’s not just downlights AGM Electrical Supplies can modernise their range of lighting, they also have a complete assortment of smart bulbs (Commonly called Lamps) that can be used in place of the traditional Halogensyou are still using. Did I say that the AGM Electrical Supplies’ Smart Lighting range is powered by the most advanced LED technology. In simple terms, they consume 75 percent less energy as compared to conventional Incandescent and Halogen. Because it’s Halogens the standard Halogen Bulb has a life span of 2,000hrs. This is roughly two years if the bulb is used around 3 hours every day. I’m not sure what I think about having to leave every two years to replace my old Halogens , especially when I have full houses worth of lights!

What do AGM Electric Supplies’ Smart Lighting perform to normal Halogen?

The Smart light bulb from AGM Electrical Supplies has the life span of 25,000 hours approximately 14 years of usage in the typical household. If we evaluate the Smart bulb’s lifespan with the lifespan of a Halogen we see an increase of 1150% in life span when switching to a smart. This is only one of numerous reasons that I chose to use Smart Bulbs from AGM Electrical Supplies at my house.

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The Lifespan of LEDs:

One of the biggest advantages of LEDs in comparison to conventional lighting solutions is their lengthy life span. They last from between 50,000 and 100,000 hours of operation or more. It is approximately 4 times longer than the majority of metal halide, fluorescent and sodium vapor lamps. It’s more than 40 times the length of the typical incandescent bulb.

The Energy efficiency of LEDs:

LEDs generally consume extremely small amounts of energy. The figures to be looking for when comparisons of their energy efficacy of various lighting. It options are described by two terms: luminous efficacy , or effective lumens. These two terms basically refer to how much light. That is emitted in a unit (watts) that is consumed from the lamp. We have found that most LED retrofits will result in an improvement of 60-75 percent in the energy. Efficiency of the lighting in the facility. Based on the lighting fixtures in place and the specific LEDs used it is possible to save over 90 percent.

Increased Safety with LEDs:

The safetyis one of the most under-appreciated benefit in LED lighting. One of the biggest risks in lighting is the release of heat. LEDs emit virtually zero forward heat. Whereas conventional bulbs such as incandescents convert over 90 percent of energy. They consume direct into heat. That’s a mere 10 percent of the energy used to power incandescent bulbs. It is actually utilized for lighting (which also means they are inefficient when compared with LEDs). In addition, because LEDs consume less power, they be used with ease on low voltage electrical systems. They’re generally more secure in the event something is not working properly.

The LED lights are physically small

The LED itself is very small. Power devices that are small can be as small as 10 percent of a single millimeter 2. And larger power devices could be as tiny as a millimeter two. Their compact size makes them very adaptable to an unlimited variety of lighting applications. Many uses for LEDs cover many different applications, starting with their origins. In circuit board traffic signals and lighting to contemporary mood lighting, commercial and residential property applications and even large lights for stadiums.


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