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Major Challenges Faced By Students Moving To The USA 

Studying in the USA is the dream of many. This nation offers world-class education facilities to its students. But moving to a new country is always a daunting and exasperating task. You have to make sure that you carry all the documents and other essential things with you. It takes a good amount of time for students to adjust themselves completely to the new lifestyle. The USA has a different culture, language, and social norms. So any Indian student can definitely face some challenges in the beginning period.

This article will help you to understand the ways to tackle the challenges that international students commonly face once they move to the USA. It will definitely be a herculean task to adjust easily to your new lifestyle but with the passage of time, you will be able to manage things easily. Make sure your mind is well prepared so that it is easier for you to settle in the USA. You should be willing to face challenges and possess the determination to handle them effectively. Consult the top USA study visa to get your USA study visa easily. 

This article will help you understand the various challenges that international students face once they land in the USA

Cultural Shift

Once you relocate to a new country that has a completely different culture and other norms then you’ll definitely be left confused and bewildered. It’s not facile to adjust to the new changes in life. Now you might not have a proper understanding of the new culture. Things can be new and weird to grasp in the beginning. Culture shock is usually the first challenge yet an inevitable part of an international student’s life. It can make an individual feel out of place. See the locals’ lifestyle will be distinct from yours related to the eating habits, clothing, cultural norms, public etiquette, attitude and several other aspects. 

In fact, the manner you handshake in the USA can be distinct. The locals prefer holding the hand firmly when shaking hands with an individual. Lose hands are seen as a sign of underconfidence.  Also in India, most people take off their footwear before entering their homes. But in the case of the USA, it doesn’t necessarily exist. So there are many such behavioral norms that are distinct from the Indian norms. It can be exaspertaing to adjust to these changes but you will manage to do so easily with time. 

Fighting Homesickness

You would be feeling quite overwhelmed and excited to commence your new journey in the USA. You will definitely miss your home, meals prepared by your mom, your siblings, friends, your neighborhood, etc. But it is pertinent for you to leave all that behind and adjust to the new lifestyle and environment. Homesickness is too daunting to deal with. It can create a feeling of emptiness and hollowness in your mind. Most students have to engage in a battle with homesickness in the initial months. But you need to buck up and settle into your new lifestyle. Did you spend lakhs of money to crib over your new lifestyle and surroundings? Don’t you want to make your family proud by attaining success in the new country? So let go of the feelings of homesickness. All of this will haunt you in the beginning but you will have to keep going. 

Learning Style 

Now the next main challenge faced by the students is academics. See USA universities offer several courses to the students. These courses lay emphasis on both practical and theoretical training and knowledge. If we discuss the learning methodology and style in the universities of the USA then you’ll realize it’s quite distinct from the Indian ones. The Indian education system lays too much emphasis on lecture-based classes. But talking about the USA learning style more emphasis will be laid on practical and experiment-oriented teaching. Students will be participating in debates, seminars, round table conferences, etc. Hence it can be a big challenge for the students to adjust to this new learning style of USA universities.


It can be hard for international students to find the right accommodation in the USA. It is common for students to face accommodation challenges once they land in the USA. It’s even more challenging to locate accommodation near the university. Also, students can encounter budget issues. Accommodation isn’t cheap in the USA. But you can look for some websites that will help you in finding accommodation according to your budget. Planning to study in the USA? Seek the expertise of the top immigration consultants in Jalandhar and get the necessary guidance.

Wrapping It Up

Countering the above challenges can definitely be a herculean task. It is essential for you to stay well prepared and be ready to face these challenges effectively. You should have the courage to handle these things We hope the above article will help you understand the effective ways to handle various challenges once you move to the USA.

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