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Mati Marroni

Mati Marroni

Mati Marroni

Mati Marroni is a social media influencer and model from the United States. Born on January 19, 2002, Mati is half Armenian and half Uruguayan and lives in Houston, Texas. She rose to fame after posting pictures of her curvy body on social media. The model and influencer was 16 years old when her Instagram account went viral.

Mati Marroni Is An American Model.

Mati Marroni is a 20-year-old model based in the United States. She was born in Houston, Texas. Little is known about her personal life, but she has an impressive online presence. While there is no information about her parents or siblings, she has a strong online presence.

She Is a TikTok Star.

Mati Marroni is an American model and TikTok star who has amassed a large fan base. Marroni is a teenager and is currently attending high school. She is very popular with her fans and has modeled for major brands. She also has her own clothing line called MM by Mati Marroni, which is sold at Nordstrom Rack stores. She also collaborated with L’Oreal Paris on a campaign called Chasing Your Dream. She also has her own fragrance, which she launched in 2018.

She Is a Social Media Influencer.

Mati Marroni has achieved social media fame through a viral video that went viral. In the video, she is seen eating a hamburger. This video has a lot of viewers because of its authenticity and connection with her audience. While the video is aimed at promoting fitness, Mati also reveals her love for food.

She Has Never Dated Anyone.

Although she’s got numerous social media accounts, Mati Marroni has never been in a relationship. This teen has said that she doesn’t like boys and doesn’t know what she wants in a guy. While she has a dog named Corazon, she also enjoys traveling, reading and watching movies.

She Is of Mixed Ethnicity.

Mati Marroni is of mixed ethnicity and is of Italian descent. She was born and raised in New York City. She is of Christian faith. Her parents are businessmen, and her mother is a homemaker. She has two older sisters. Mati Marroni attended the local high school and decided to pursue modeling full-time after graduation. Although her parents are of mixed ethnicity, her father stayed in her life and did not want her to be abused.

She Is a Model.

Mati Marroni is a social media sensation and a full-time model. She went viral at 16 years old after posting a video of herself eating a burger. Today, she is working as a full-time model for Onlyfans. She was first scouted in New York City while she was attending college and transferred to Moorehouse College, where she majored in Fashion Merchandising.

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