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Research Paper & Opinion Paper – Importance & Difference

From different types of writing assignments, university students have to deal with writing research as well as opinion paper very frequently. Many novel writers take these two papers as the same thing, but there is a big difference between both papers. If you want to score good grades, you should learn the difference with detail. So, let’s discuss the importance and difference between a research paper and an opinion paper.

What is a Research Paper?

Before dwelling on the topic, it would be pertinent to understand what is a research paper. Research is referred to as any academic writing piece which is based on the initial analysis of the author on a specific topic. The research paper analyzes and interprets the finding of the research. It can be very intimidating to write a this paper as it requires a lot of research. Students new to research writing usually feel stressed while writing their papers.

Research papers are usually not simple, and understanding the nature of research can sometimes be challenging. Therefore, it is essential to understand the nature of research in every aspect to avoid confusion. Understanding specific characteristics of your research will help you to make a clear plan and save time

Importance of Research Paper

The purpose of writing a this paper is to explore the topic of discussion. This paper has to present a detailed work in short form. For the reader, it should not be difficult to understand the main problem, idea, and solution. Although the research paper discusses the same thing as you did in a dissertation, it explains everything at an assigned length. The dissertation does not include any extra information, still research paper only focuses on the essential aspects.

Furthermore, the research paper aims to describe the explored information. You can take it as a brief overview of a detailed process. It works well to develop writing skills that include a critical and analytical evaluation. At the time of working on this paper, you can get the need and importance of reasoning skills. These skills help you come up with the best end results even if you are writing a dissertation.

What is an Opinion Paper? 

An opinion paper is formal writing in which the author displays his opinion regarding a specific topic or subject. Like other assignments, students are asked to write these papers in the form of assignments by professors to know the student’s opinions on a specific subject or topic. Like other essays, it starts with an introduction and ends with conclusions but is it that simple? You have to be very careful while writing an opinion paper. As there is no universal template, students often make mistakes while writing an opinion paper.

Importance of Opinion Paper

Writing an opinion in a paper means communicating your point of view or opinion on some issue you have chosen to write about. Opinions are always subjective, and since this type of essay relies heavily on the author’s personal experience, the readers must be ready to see things from someone else’s perspective. A well-structured and written opinion paper is your chance to share your thoughts with others and, who knows, maybe even change their minds!

What are the Differences between a Research Paper & an Opinion Paper?

In order to become a credible writer, you have to understand the major difference between research and opinion paper. In this way, you get the chance to meet the best ends of an assigned task. This approach helps you score good grades and mark distinction. Following are some differences which can help you best in this regard.

Personal Views 

In a research paper, you have to follow a standard path and describe the already performed research work. Also, you are bound to label the particular sections, including the introduction, literature review, methodology, analysis & results and conclusion. In all the sections, there is no room for a personal point of view. You are only supposed to work on the ground basic and provide logical and authentic information.

On the other hand, an opinion paper has room for personal opinion. You have to search and study the best suitable information and then add comments based on the collected information. You can also ask professionals of research proposal help for better results.

Standard Format 

For a research paper, you are bound to follow a standard format. First of all, you have to make outlines based on the requirement. From an introduction to the conclusion, you have to go for a particular word count and format of each section.

In contrast, an opinion paper does not demand a strict format. In this paper, you can show your creativity and find the best way to grasp the attention of a reader. You can make an outline of your choice. Furthermore, you can make amendments as per the need of the hour. For example, the word count is not specified for any section, but you have to see how many words can fit best for a particular paper.

Backup For Several Aspects 

For a research paper, one of the most important things is the existence of backup for different data types. If you have mentioned statistics while discussing a point, it will be useless if there is no backup support for it. You are supposed to provide evidence for each claim and ensure that every resource of information is credible to use.

Contrary to a research paper, the opinion paper does not demand backup. Sometimes, you can find it in the basic requirements of paper writing. In such cases, you should follow the guidelines.

The difference in Writing Time

If you are assigned the task of writing research as well as an opinion paper, then the standard approach is to write research paper first. After that, you need to write an opinion paper. In this way, you can complete both assignments in a perfect way. So, you can now observe the difference in writing time.

Concluding Lines 

The above-mentioned points can help you understand the meaning and importance of research paper and opinion paper. With the help of this information, you can set the best foundation for your work. Furthermore, the differences between both papers are mentioned in detail.

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