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Use Your Blackout Curtains as Photography Backdrops

Country Blinds’ blackout Curtains have earned a good reputation as some of the most versatile window coverings. They are great for creating colorful interiors and ensuring privacy through external light control. Our multi-layered blackout curtains can also be used to regulate interior temperatures.

These elements make blackout curtains great alternatives to traditional backdrops for photography studios. We were more shocked than anyone when Country Blinds customers used our blackout curtains for photography backgrounds. They have extensive experience in photographing curtains and interiors, so we are well-acquainted with the value of blackout curtains panels for managing light and other elements during a photo-shoot.

We have a lot of experience shooting photos for our blinds and curtains, so we are able to be a little more creative. This has allowed us to pick up a few photography tips and tricks. These photography tips and tricks will be shared today using our blackout curtains so that budding photographers can start to build their portfolios without needing to rent a studio.

Continue reading to learn how to make your own home photography studio using just one or two panels of our blackout curtains.

Use Blackout Curtains For Your Photography Backgrounds

There are many benefits to blackout curtains as a backdrop for photography. These include controlling light, noise and wind and regulating the temperature in your studio. Below are some of the obvious benefits we have seen during our photography sessions.

Size Adjustable To Fit All Types Of Shoots

Blackout curtains are a great alternative to screen photography backgrounds. They can be hung in many different ways to cover a variety shots. By simply moving the blackout curtain panel, you can create close-up portraits, landscape profiles, or ensemble shots.

While there are some challenges in hanging blackout photography curtains correctly, you can rest assured that they will remain in place.

Removing Reflective Light And Other Disturbances

Our blackout curtains, which are heavy and multilayered, can be very effective in keeping out light from outside. The curtain’s seams will not allow any light through, so it is extremely light-absorbing. Professional photographers spend hundreds of dollars on studio light reflectors that are disc-shaped. This can cause photo-shoots to be ruined by lighting glares.

Light reflectors reduce glare by reflecting outside light at the subject of your photo at a flatter angle. However, large discs can prove difficult to adjust from one subject to another. If you are working in a studio, your light reflectors may not be able to be transported from shoot to shot.

Our blackout curtains are light absorbers and provide photographers with the same effects as light reflectors and photography backdrops. This gives you total control over light availability in your studio as well as on location.

Add Atmosphere To Your Photos

Professional photographers use backdrops and background lighting to add depth and atmosphere to their photo shoots. The color of your backdrop can often tell a lot about the type of shoot you are putting together and how you want your final shots to be received.

Our blackout curtains come in a variety of colors and fabrics so you can mix and match to create the perfect atmosphere for any style of shoot. The classic blackblockouts can be used to create professional-quality portraits or as moody backgrounds for pet and plant photography. Our white blackout curtains are great for headshots. If you feel particularly bold, opt for bolder colors such as emerald or rose.

Cost Efficiency

It’s important to note that purchasing a few blackout curtains panels is much cheaper than buying individual backdrops of varying sizes. Country Blinds sells blackout curtains for as low as $40. Professional photography backdrops, especially textured, can run into the hundreds.

Blackout curtains can be much more comfortable than screen backdrops in studio spaces because they are thicker, light-absorbing, and temperature regulating. Blackout curtains are a great investment for studio spaces, especially when you consider that they can be as comfortable and cost-effective than professional grade backdrops.

How To Hang And Style Photo Backdrop Curtains

If you have some blackout curtains panels and want to make them your own photo backdrops, this guide will show you how to hang them.

Choose Your Preferred Background Size

There are many sizes of backdrops, each one suited for different types of photos. For example, a 5×7 backdrop is best for close-up photos like portraits or headshots. A 12 foot backdrop is perfect for full-body shots, single-person shots, or a couple of them.

You might consider a backdrop that is 8-10 feet long if you are working with large groups or larger subjects such as cars or animals. This will allow your subjects to have enough space to move around and allows them to be more comfortable. Country Blinds’ extra-long curtains can be up to 250cm. This is approximately 8-9 feet.

Search For Your Ideal Mounting System

After you have chosen the perfect backdrop size and folded your panels or curtain panels to fit your shoot space, it is time to mount your curtains and prepare your backdrop. As you would with traditional curtains, you can mount them using either a wall-mounted curtain pole or wall hooks.

A collapsible backdrop stands with hooks are a good investment if you plan to use your blackout curtain backdrop for location-based photography. If none of these options sound appealing, you can’t go wrong with a backdrop support that allows you to drape the curtain over a horizontal beam.

Our blackout curtains are a great backdrop for photography, as we have already mentioned. This is due to their high-quality construction and weight. Our blackout curtains will be your favorite photoshoot tool if you are a photographer who works in many locations.

Make Pleats And Folds

You have the option of creating a highly-textured background by adding pleats and folds to it, or you can opt for a plain black backdrop by removing all natural folds from your blackout curtains.

Before you begin to create the perfect atmosphere, take some time to adjust your curtains to your preferred mounting system. Now it’s time to get started with your shoot.

What Do You Think About Lighting A Photography Studio?

You may be able to create a winning space for photography if you have made it this far. But there is one last question: how about lighting? Our blackout curtains work well for light control and absorption. However, if you want to improve the lighting in your studio, you will need to add additional lighting sources.

Because of the insulation properties of our blackout curtains, even a single lamp or photography light will be able to illuminate your shoot space without much fuss. You can simply place your preferred lighting directly behind your camera to ensure your subject is properly lit and ready to go.

Final Words

Blackout curtains can make professional-style photoshoots a game changer. You can experiment with the setup of your shoot and use a variety different styles and colours of blackout curtains.

Get a feel for Country Blinds  by contacting us to request free curtain samples or speaking to one of our talented designers!


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