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What Does a Full-Service Auto Repair Shop Really Do?

What does the word “full-service automotive shop” truly mean? People often overlook that they have a choice to take their car to one place and have everything worked on and fixed. The shop can solve all the issues related to your car. Let’s look at the types of car services and what a full service includes.

Types of Car Service: 


Designed for cars with high usage. They are inspected every six months and look to assure an automobile can run correctly up to its full service. Inspections are not as extensive as a full service, and only basic maintenance will be involved.

Full Service 

This is the most common service, usually conducted annually. Compared to an interim service, a much wider range of checks and replacements is completed under full service auto repair service.

Major Service 

A major service is executed after long-term use or when breaks between servicing have stretched out. It is a full service with a few added extras, typically other filter replacements and fluid flushes.

What Does A Full Service Include?

Depending on who bears out your full car service, your car could be inspected against anywhere between 60 to 80 different criteria. These are often divided into distinct and separate categories:

General And Internal Checks 

The mechanics will check the condition of seatbelts, door locks, and electricals like brake lights, headlights, and indicators. Finally, they will plug analysis software into the car’s computer system to check for defects.

Engine Bay 

The soul of your vehicle; the engine is where the most significant inspections and changes occur. Full services will involve the replacement of engine oil and the engine oil filter. There will be an inspection for general wear-and-tear alongside oil leaks, inspections of the radiator and coolant hoses, and recommendations on antifreeze strength levels. The final inspection of the engine includes monitoring the battery for issues and cleaning off any residue.


The mechanics will complete a brake condition and performance assessment. They will look for safety problems, like damage, weakness, or corrosion. Brake discs and calipers will be inspected, as will the brake pedal, brake lines, and wheel cylinders. The handbrake, and all its associated mechanical segments, will also be covered under these inspections.

Steering System And Suspension 

Power steering systems, pressure, and hydraulic fluid, the condition of road springs, rack gaiters, hoses, pipes, lines, and ball bearings. They will look for problems such as leakers, corrosion, or worsening conditions.

Wheels And Tyres 

They will check the wheel conditions, including the removal of the wheel, to estimate the condition behind the hub plates. Mechanics will also review the wheel balancing, tire quality, tread depth, and any signs of damage.

Exhaust And Emissions 

They will check the exhaust system for signs of damage, leaks, or any smoke. Diagnostic tests may also be run to analyze emissions.


Mechanics will inspect the condition of the external fuel system, including the filler lines and fuel cap. The mechanics look for any potential wear or spots where leakage has occurred or could occur in the future.

Drive System 

A full car service will test the clutch system and gearbox, including any needed fluid top-ups. They will also check the driveshaft and prop shaft, as well as the transfer box and limited-slip differential.


Full services cover driver vision equipment checks for damage or problems. The front and rear windscreen condition is inspected, looking for cracks, chips, or other visual barriers like marks or warping.

Benefits Of Full-Service Automotive Shop 

Have you spent much time searching online or asking family and friends for advice on technicians who can repair windshields, change tires or do a quick oil change, but if you find a place where all these repairs can be done easily? This is the point of finding a full service auto repair that can offer many excellent services.

Everything You Need Under One Roof

Just think about how much time you can save if you’re able to drop your car at a place and have everything on your list done. The next time you require to find a way to solve that to-do list for your car, find out your options for a full-service automotive specialist in your area. They can change your car’s oil, your windshield repaired, and your tires rotated in a visit.

Dependability At One Location

It’s not only a great way to save time, but it’s all nice to have that peace of mind that one reputable automotive team is repairing everything you need to do to your car. Don’t waste time picking up and dropping off your car at different places when you can literally pull into the parking lot and leave it right there.

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