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What to Do When AOL Mail Is Not Working on Outlook 2022?

AOL mail is an outstanding email service and one of the best things about this email service is that people can use AOL email on other email services like Outlook, however, if your AOL email service is not working on Outlook then, it can be very frustrating. You do not need to worry a lot as there are some simple methods that can be used by people when they want to fix the issue of AOL email not working on Outlook. You can easily use all the different methods that we are giving here to fix your AOL email when it is not working on the Outlook portal. 

What Can You Do If You Are Not Able to Use AOL Email on Outlook?

Wondering how you can fix the issue of AOL mail not working on outlook 2022? You can use all the different methods that we are giving here to resolve all your worries. 

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  • Internet Connectivity

The first thing people need to check when they are not able to use their AOL email is the internet connection of their devices. If you see that the mail service is not at all responding then, you need to make sure that the internet connection that you are using is perfect and not unstable. You can restart your device and even use a different WiFi connection so that, you can determine whether the issue is arising because of the network connection. 

  • Incorrect Login Credentials

Another very important reason why you feel that outlook AOL not working is incorrect login credentials. You need to enter the correct password and the username or email address of your AOL email account. however, if you are not able to recall the correct password or email account of your account then, you can use the support page of the AOL email account to reset a new password or email address. 

  • Outage Issues

People can also face AOL not working with outlook issues if the servers of the AOL email are down. However, there are very less instances where people can see that the servers of the website and the email service are not working. You need to check the server status of the AOL email service on the website down the detector and if the servers are down, there you just need to wait for the service to resume by the developers. 

  • Verify the Server Settings of the AOL Email

This is a more advanced step that you need to take when the above-mentioned steps are not working efficiently for you. You need to verify whether the IMAP or the SMTP settings of the email service as configured correctly as the settings need to be correct if you want the email account to work without any issues and interruptions. 

  • Sync Errors

If outlook AOL not working then, it can be possible that your AOL email is not synced with Outlook correctly and you need to complete the syncing process. You can verify the same from the settings of the AOL email service and if you see that the email is not synced correctly then, you will not be able to use the email effectively. You can sync the email account from Account Settings. 

  • Update the Outlook Software

You can also try to update the Outlook software as sometimes, the AOL email version clashes with the outdated version of Outlook hence, it is required that you try to update the version of your Outlook software.

Hope you have understood all the methods that we have explained here. You can easily use all these methods to ensure that your AOL email is working without any issues. 

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