Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

What to Do When You’re Stuck with a Slow Internet Connection!

A slow internet connection is one of the worst things to get stuck with when you can’t afford to stop and slow down. It’s impossible to slow down and hit pause on connectivity when we’re living in such an inter-connected world. But when you’re stuck with a snail speed connection, getting anything done becomes difficult and impossible. Having access to a fast and stable connection is an integral part of our daily routines. Most of our tasks are heavily dependent on a strong network and we all know the frustration of having to deal with a slow connection when there’s a lot to be done. For more information please visit: german prox internet connection.

And if your first reaction to slow internet speed and horrible network performance is wanting to dump the router in the trash, then that’s completely understandable. But a more practical and useful approach, in this case, would be to learn about the problems in your network and fix them so you’re always prepared for the next time. 

And if you’re holding back on doing that because you don’t have an IT degree, then think again. You don’t need to be an engineer or pick IT as a major in college to be able to fix your Wi-Fi connection. It’s super practical and easy. And we’re going to help you out in this department by sharing a handful of useful tips! We’re going to steer clear of any technicalities and make this as simple as possible for you to learn. All you need is a drive to identify the problems causing a slow network connection and you’re good to go!

Now without any further ado, let’s get right to the part where you learn about ways to fix and optimize your network and its performance. 

Reset Your Router

You’ve heard about this one almost a million times at least. It’s almost everybody’s go-to trick when they notice the connection slowing down and causing disruption. It’s the oldest trick in the book and also a commonly used one because of its effectiveness. A simple press of the reset button on the router can do wonders. It can instantly maximize network speed, performance and fix issues that are difficult to identify. It gets rid of connectivity bugs as well along with boosting speed internet connection

Change the Router’s Placement

When you’re struggling with lags during your gaming sessions, or your webpages take longer to load and return blank often or endless buffering when you’re watching something on Netflix, chances are your devices are unable to receive the Wi-Fi network’s signals because of distance. The distance between the devices and router plays an important role in determining the network speed delivered to your devices. 

The only way to improve signal strength and Wi-Fi speed instantly is by moving the router closer to the devices or placing it in a central location. Keep the router far away from concrete walls and appliances to avoid signal interruption and dispersion internet connection

Add a Wi-Fi Extender

If you’ve hit the reset button a couple of times and changed the router’s location and still struggle with connection drops and slow speed, then consider investing in a Wi-Fi extender. It’s a helpful and super practical device that is not only handy in improving network strength, but its main purpose is to boost the network’s signal range and extend it. This ensures that the internet signals reach every corner of the house and eliminates all the Wi-Fi dead zones. Add this device to your home network and boost network coverage and performance instantly! 

Update Router Security

One of the most important things of dealing with a poor network connection is focusing on security. How secure is your Wi-Fi network? Is it password protected or not? Open Wi-Fi networks are easier for hackers and freeloaders to exploit and use as much internet as they want. When traffic increases, the number of devices consume more bandwidth also. So, protecting it from unfair bandwidth consumption, intruders, and risks by adding a security password is a must! 

Wrapping It Up

The core of your home network is your Wi-Fi router. To make sure it keeps functioning effectively and delivers optimal performance all the time, follow these tips! And if the issues persist, check out other providers in your area. EarthLink internet prices are quite impressive for the experience they provide. Learn more about the provider by calling EarthLink customer service

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